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Federal and state law mandate services to children with disabilities as determined by eligibility criteria.  The rationale for early intervention services is based on a large body of research that has shown that early intervention programs are both effective and diminish the long-term effect of disabilities.  These interventions can greatly contribute to children reaching their maximum potential.

The state of California has established eligibility criteria guidelines for early intervention serves.  Generally speaking, children from birth to the age of three who exhibit a significant delay in development or who are at risk due to a medical condition are eligible for services.  Children from ages three to five (pre-kindergarten) are generally eligible for services based on criteria that would include a significant delay in development of communication, cognitive, social/emotional, and/or physical skills.

A parent, guardian, physician, Regional Center case carrier, or anyone familiar with an individual who may have exceptional needs may refer the child for an assessment.  To initiate the process contact:

Infant/Preschool (951) 571-4710
Headstart (951) 571-4716

Upon receipt of a referral, an initial appointment is scheduled with the parents to discuss the process and meet the child.  If assessment is indicated, written permission to assess will be obtained from the parent.  Assessment may involve formal and informal testing observation, and parent report.  The assessment team may include the school psychologist, speech/language and hearing specialist, teacher, and Regional Center case carrier.

A large number of children participate in the speech and language therapy program.  Many parents bring their children who qualify into the school for weekly sessions with one of the district speech and language specialists.  Children are usually served in small group sessions in the therapy center.

All programs are provided by Moreno Valley Unified School District at no cost to parents.